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Model wears bridal dress

"To nurture your heart is to nurture your essence, your being and your truth."

Model wears a dress from collection

Emilija is a self awakened intuitive healer, psychic and channeler. After embarking on her own journey of self healing and discovery she found that part of her purpose was that of healing and nurturing others. Awakening people to the light of the universe and the light within themselves is a passion and a driving force of nature for Emilija.

I cannot change who I am. 

Every time I try,

I stray from my true nature

I stray from my truth

I stray from my reason for coming here

For making an impact here,

I will not change who I am


Each service aim to help you accomplish a sense of inner knowing, direction and clarity.  All have a different approach to gather information for those seeking answers, whether that's through channeling or energetic connections,  ultimately they all aim to achieve the same result. 

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Discovery of Self


Soothe Your Soul



Reading + Reiki


Chakra Balancing

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Reading + Reiki + Chakra Balance

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Discover the Universe
Through my sight.
a star seeds vision.

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