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See what people say about their experience.

The opportunity to connect, listen, laugh, cry, and glow—all in one session. Wow. The human experience is a weird one AND Emilija makes room for you to be okay, for you to be open, for you to grow—after the session, being human doesn’t feel weird—it feels divine. My session was the connection that I didn’t realize would so quickly make room for my well matted emotions to rehydrate, creating fertile soil for the seeds I’d been trying to plant on cracked soil. Emilija tilled earth and made room for me. Gratitude.

Robert, B

Emilija is truly a force. Her energy is so magnetic and beautiful. To say she has a gift is an understatement. I found this experience healing, therapeutic and beyond clarifying of many questions I hadn’t even realized I wanted or needed answers to. This was therapy for the soul. Emilija is beyond wise and intuitive. Beautiful experience and so much gained. I will definitely be back. Highly recommend  for anybody in Melbourne area looking for healing and to go deeper within.

Isabelle, N

Emilija did an incredible psychic reading for me and it was uncanny some of the things that came up. She is in touch with the spiritual world in a way I didn’t realise was possible. Xxx

Remi, C

Emilija you are awesome, felt so much at peace during the Reiki healing. You identified all of the places that required attention. Definitely recommend you to all. You’re soothing nature and warm personality makes it very easy to connect. Thank you again.

Vicky, C

Emilija is simply wonderful, what else can I say? My experience was, cliché incoming, life changing. In such a short time Emilija was able to shed light on aspects of myself I had dismissed or not even noticed at all. Without a doubt one of the most eye opening experiences I've had. I have a lot to think about going forward and sense a great deal of positive change in my future thanks to a chance meeting with this gem of a human being! Cannot recommend more highly!

Shaan, G

Being read by Emilija was my first ever experience exploring myself in this way. I didn’t know what to expect but I cannot recommend it enough and now I know we met for a reason. What a kind, passionate, genuine heart she has and her skill is truly incredible. I left the session feeling a way I have never felt before and that is really special. I can’t recommend this enough because I feel it may just change my life.

Conor, W

The session I had with Emilija came to me at a time that I so much needed! I was at a point where I needed some form of guidance or at least some clarification to questions I was internalising and constantly thinking about. Emilija is so extremely gifted in her field of work but the best part is that this isn’t even a job for her; it’s her passion and I really found that so humbling and inspiring to see someone who has such a gift, supporting those who need some direction!

Rachel, M

Emilija's connection to source energy is truly amazing. Divine energy flows through her and intuitive guidance given in sessions is accurate, reassuring and honest. Her healing modalities of Reiki and Pellowah get to the root of all underlying physical, mental, spiritual and emotional issues and I feel light as a feather and gain clarity of mind of a session. A session with Emilija will assist in your transforming your life to become the best possible version of yourself.

Damien, L

I was travelling in London when I met Emilija and I can say that the chance encounter was such a blessing in disguise. She has an intimate connection with the spiritual realm and her intuition and perception of a person are spot on - I was astounded when once we started the reading the very first thing she brought up was the largest shadow looming over my spirit. She also has a very strong foundation of knowledge in the derivation of the different sorts of energies and frequencies a person radiates and is an excellent teacher in explaining these origins and the different means available to improve them. Emilija also doesn't shy from bringing to light the difficulties and obstacles that lie on the path ahead, but her guidance is priceless and she more than adequately has prepared me with the tools and understanding to face and overcome these. Though it may have been a transient encounter in the turbulent tempest of life, I have no doubt of the impact she has made on me and the enduring effects of her guidance.

Jonathon, P

I don't even know how to describe how wonderful my time with Emilija was, and how grateful I am to have met her. She is so genuine and kind-hearted, and I felt extremely comfortable with her just after a brief conversation at dinner. When she gave me a reading, it was clear that she was inputting all of her energy into me and actively looking for ways to help me understand myself and what I'm going through. She's obviously passionate about this type of work, and that she's not doing this for any other reason besides helping others. As cheesy as it sounds, Emilija sparked something in me that will change the way I live and believe in things - in the best way possible! I truly wish I could put my feelings towards how amazing Emilija's reading was in this review, but I think the only way someone could understand is if they're lucky enough to encounter her. Sending my love!!! 

Giselle, C

Having been involved in the Spiritualist movement, I've had a number of readings over the years, however I have never encountered anyone with such an extraordinary talent as Emilija. Through her reading, Emilija has given me keys to unlocking personal mysteries that no one has ever done before, and I feel a deep sense of gratitude for having met someone so spiritually skilled. If you're seeking spiritual guidance, I have no hesitation in recommending Emilija. Extraordinary!

Wayne, E

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