Go with the flow, your heart space is your home space.


About Emilija

Emilija is a self awakened intuitive healer, psychic and channeler. After embarking on her own journey of self healing and discovery she found that part of her purpose was that of healing and nurturing others. Awakening people to the light of the universe and the light within themselves is a passion and a driving force of nature for Emilija.



Readings aim to aid one in the journey of self discovery. They bring attention to parts within your being that lack energy and awareness. In a session there are several ways in which information comes forward through the channel. The aim is to help guide, nurture and assist the individual seeking answers and themselves. 


Reiki is considered a tool for spiritual growth and a path to enlightenment. However Reiki energy has a potent and powerful healing effect too. Reiki stimulates the  flow of energy in our bodies which creates a shift in our consciousness.

Therefore shifting and creating the path to connecting with our higher self and our higher state of being. 


Combining the methods and practices of readings, reiki and other energy healing modalities, healings are for anyone who wishes to do a deep dive into themselves and discover or uncover hidden truths within their being.

You're sure to walk away with much clarity and calmness post session. 


Discovery of Self

60 min | 100$


To nurture your heart is to nurture your essence, your being and your truth.


What people say..

The experience with Em was so beautiful. The moment you meet her you know you will be in good hands because she makes you feel like home. In a very safe and comfortable place within yourself. She's very intuitive, sensitive and has such a warm presence. She's an angel. I couldn't recommend this experience more. Don't hesitate.

Rita, L


Emilija is fantastic, after a reiki session with her I felt like a weight had been lifted and my goals were much clearer. She is so knowledgeable and provides a safe space to get much needed healing. I would recommend her to anyone!

Jason, W


Emilija is one-of-a-kind; a unique, talented spiritual healer. Her gifts are truly majestic, her energy is inviting, and after having a reading AND a spiritual healing with Emilija, I feel she has helped to guide my spiritual direction. Highly recommended!!

Wayne, E



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